Born in 1977, Bafra, Turkey. He graduated from TED Ankara College and Ankara University, Communications Faculty. During film studies in AU, he produced – directed short documentary films, which he was awarded by numerous film festivals, including Ankara International Film Festival Best Student Film two years in a row.


He started his professional career in Böcek Yapım – Istanbul in 1999, where he directed music videos and advertorials and worked as 1st assistant director to Mr. Ömer Faruk Sorak.


2001-2005 he took part in founding of BKM Film, the leading entertainment and production house in Turkey, he co-managed the film department for the company. Also worked as Assistant General Director with Mr. Yılmaz Erdogan. Directed tv commercials and advertorials for the company and written ‘Ölümsüz Ask’, Tv series with his script team. He also supervised the post-production of BKM films ‘Vizontele’, ‘Vizontele Tuuba’ and ‘Organize Isler’.


He worked with leading production companies in Turkey for feature and commrecial films as director. The list of companies he collaborated with includes BKM, DepoFilm, PToT, 25Film, Film Colony and Böcek Yapım.


In 2006, he co-directed his debut feature film ‘Hokkabaz’ (2006) with Mr. Cem Yılmaz. His other feature titles include ‘A.R.O.G’ (2008) and ‘Hadi Insallah’ (2014). He directed ‘Memleket Isterim’, a 32 episodes documentary series for TRT 2 and directed a Biographic Documentary on Eli Acıman, the father of modern advertising in Turkey, commissioned by Turkish Advertisers Foundation.


He currently resides in Istanbul, directs commercial spots, writes scripts and paints.

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